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Airwise provides compressed air and gas solutions to meet the needs of a diverse range of applications and markets throughout the northwest of England.

From general industry, offshore, oil-free, construction, high pressure marine, Airwise has a product range including rotary screw, oil-free, vane, piston, and portable compressors, ancillary products and services to satisfy all requirements.

Based in Merseyside we provide a service throughout the United Kingdom please contact a member of our team who will be happy to provide you with further information.

We are an engineering company which is based in Speke Liverpool, specializing in the compressed air industry. The high quality products and services which we offer are backed up by our own factory trained engineers and by leading manufactures.


A nationwide team of manufacturer trained service engineers install and overhaul all types of compressed air equipment - compressors, dryers, filters and ancillary products.

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure compressed air equipment runs at optimum efficiency. On average, an air compressor consumes 10 times its original purchase cost - in the electrical power consumed over a ten year period.

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We are committed to achieve the highest standard of Quality workmanship in our business. We believe that exceeding the quality expectations of our Customers, employees and suppliers is the most important means to achieve and maintain this leadership.

Meeting these quality expectations requires our commitment to the finest practices in innovation, quality control and continuous improvement in everything we do.

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24 hour per day coverage for 365 days per year

No mileage chg

No call out chg

No minimum hourly charge

Competitive rates

S.C.A.T.S and C.C.N.S.G certified

Over 30 years of experience with in the Compressed Air Industry

Monday to Friday office 8an till 5pm

Out of hours emergency Allan

Allan mobile

Ray mobile

Sales John Williams